Translucents™ Canopies Ceiling Panels

Having the ability to get installed quickly, Translucents™ Canopies Ceiling Panels performs effectively to carve out sophisticated design arrangements.

By creating exquisite design arrangements with the assistance of pre-formed panels, Translucents™ Canopies Ceiling Panels holds worth as an efficient means to stylize interiors. It is available in 20 stylistic patterns that can be installed individually or in a connective group form. Also, they are pre-formed in three simple to use configurations like valleys, vaults and waves. Moreover, it is powered to provide design flexibility by using in conjunction with translucent lay-in panels. 

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-formed curved panels
  • Twenty exciting décors for urbane options
  • Capricious elegance for retail, office, health care or hospitality environs
  • Three easy-to-use elements; wave, vault or valley
  • Discrete suspension or connected groupings for ribbons or larger spaces
  • Greater design tractability in combination with Transluscents™ Lay-In Panels 
  • Refined hardware for perfect fit and finish
  • Four simple connection or suspension points for fast, trouble-free installation
  • Preformed canopies—no additional hardware or field adjustments necessary
  • Translucents summarized panels have a minimum of 40 percent recycled content
  • Acrylic canopies have up to 50 percent recycled content

Translucents™ Canopies Ceiling Panels is a powerful ceiling system that has created a market for quality design arrangements.

  • Colors: Agave, Artichoke, Avanti, Beige Interlock, Blush, Butterscotch, Cache White, Calypso, Cornflower
  • Shapes: Wave, Vault Valley
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