USGBORAL All-Purpose Joint Compound

As a highly efficient product directed to seal joints between sheets of drywall for an exquisite base, USG Boral All Purpose Joint Compound is the perfect option for repairing cracks that didn’t subjected to moisture attack.

USGBORAL All-Purpose Joint Compounds are utilized for entrenching paper joint tape, fine-tuning gypsum panel joints, manually applying simple texturing, skim coating gypsum panel surfaces and laminating as well as repairing cracks in interior plaster that have been moisture resistant. The kit is comprised of three components like USG Boral All-Purpose Joint Compound, USG Boral All-Purpose Joint Compound Total Lite and USGBORAL Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound Total. Developed to give quality performance, these compounds hold prime importance for a professional appeal. 

Features and Benefits

  • Highly efficient compound for excellent performance
  • Vacuum process abolishes entrained air for dipping craters
  • Considered excellent for embedded paper tape
  • Available with readily mixed convenience
  • Light weight and easily manageable
  • Complete purpose pound for high grade performance

USG Boral All Purpose Joint Compound is modernized with the technically advanced specifications for a better performance and exceptional durability.

  • Type of Product: All-Purpose Joint Compounds, All Purpose Joint Compound, Joint Compounds
  • Applied Usage: Ceilings, Interior Finishes, Interior Walls
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