USGBORAL EasyPlus Compound

USG BORAL EasyPlus is an Air drying jointing compound giving exceptionally high performance and utilized for gypsum board joints as well as fixing Points with less effort on sanding due to exclusive finish. 

USG BORAL EasyPlus provides excellent tape bonding strength, which has enabled it to work smoothly with the assistance of quality mixing that cuts down the timing. It is moderately easy to sand that makes it worthy enough to give a high level of finish. 

Features and Benefits

  • Gives high quality performance
  • Quick to install and easy to maintain
  • Considered easy to sand and made a mixture

Acting as a perfect support for the quality maintenance of gypsum boards, USGBORAL EasyPlus is a perfect help for an exquisite compilation.

  • Type: Plaster Form
  • Usage: Filling joints
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