USGBORAL Gypsum Boards

USG BORAL Gypsum Boards is a standard plaster board which is used in drywall , lining and ceiling.

Offering high level of durability to suit every kind of climatic conditions, USG BORAL Gypsum Boards have earned recognition for quick installation and withstanding varied weather conditions for extensive support. Having the excellence to be re-used without affecting environs, USG BORAL Gypsum Boards offers maximum flexibility to develop mottled ceiling shapes. Moreover, it holds significance for being a light weight product that reduces the structural base of a construction system. 

Features and Benefits

  • Environment friendly and non-hazardous
  • Adaptable to wall and ceiling needs without beam structure
  • Light weight to reduce structural base of construction
  • Ability to install quickly and withstand weather conditions
  • Permits flexibility to develop varied ceiling shapes
  • Resistant to fire for better functionality 

Quality is well evident from the composition of USGBORAL Gypsum Boards that includes standard gypsum plaster core encased in heavy duty face and backing liner paper. It is powered with exclusive specifications mentioned here under:

  • Thickness: 9.5 and 12.5 mm
  • Edge: Tapered
  • Size: 1220x1830
  • Usability: Elevator, computer room, interior walls and fire escape stair

Suitable of all application area if technical board not require

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