USGBORAL ST 45 Metal Profile

Lending reliability and quality strength to the curved ceiling systems, USG Boral ST 45 Metal Profile is stated to be best in its category.

Highly suitable for plain as well as curved  ceiling designs, USG Boral ST 45 Metal Profile is one of the spectacular metal profiles that have done wonders to the ceiling system. Known to be steel profiles, it is ideally suited to gypsum ceiling applications and has the tendency to create aesthetic effect to the ceiling system. What makes it stand in the list of favorite of the people has been the economic effect that makes it essentially applicable. 

Features and Benefits

  • Light weight system for easy handling
  • Possessing immense strength for extensive durability
  • Known to be dimensionally stable
  • Easy to handle and offers extensive quality

USG Boral ST 45 Metal Profile happens to become a technical assistance for ceiling systems with its qualitative specifications.

  • Thickness: 0.45 mm
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