About USG Boral Middle East

About USG Boral Middle East

USG Boral Middle East is a Joint venture between USG-US and Boral-Australia with Saudi local shareholders founded in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, in 1985. USGBME is Ceiling and Drywall Partitions Leader as the company core business is manufacturing and promoting variety of special fire assemblies for Ceilings and Walls for various applications used in industrial, healthcare, hospitality, educational, and for other uses of specialized nature.       

USGBME is specialized in manufacturing hi-end acoustic and fire assemblies for ceiling and wall and the company is operating in four facilities as follow:

- Fire Rated and Acoustical Panels and Ceiling Tiles: Fire Rated and Acoustical Mineral Fiber CeilingMetal Ceiling, Gypsum Ceiling, Special Ceiling, Fiberglass Ceiling and Wood Laminated Ceiling

- Metal Operation: Suspension Systems (Fire Rated and Seismic) DONN DX® the World Leading Brand of Ceiling Suspension Systems, Wallboard Partition System (Stud and Track), Shaft Wall, Metal Accessories and Includes Powder Coating Line

- Plasterboards:  Fire Rated Wallboard Sheetrock®, Abuse Resistant Wallboard Fiberock® for Interior Use, High Performance Glass-Mat Sheathing Moisture and Mold Resistant Wallboard Securock® for Exterior Envelope

- Joint Compounds, Finishes & Acoustic Sealant:  Sheetrock® Brand All Purpose Joint Compound for the use in Treatment, Levelling, Skimming and Finishing Gypsum Wall / Ceiling Surfaces

USGBME products portfolio are being produced locally in Dammam, KSA with state of the art facility and it has manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Oman. All products are being produced in compliance with industry ASTM/EN standards.

The company objectives are much correlated to the Kingdom 2030 vision to support the non-oil energy resources and the In-Kingdom Total Value Add Program.

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015