Inspiration for Main Contractors - Projects


USG Boral: Inspired by you

Get inspiration from our finished projects and find out what these projects are composed of. At USG Boral we are committed to innovation in the application of our products & systems, including:

Design. For a refreshingly different ceiling aesthetic (Logix™, Pixels and Curvatura).
Function. Products & performance that are both versatile & fit for purpose (SHEETROCK® Type X and Type C)
Simple. Simplicity of component design for efficient supply & installation (DONN® DX Exposed Grid Ceiling System). 
Smart. Ease of handling & installation for lighter, smarter, faster building (SHEETROCK®). 
Ingenious. One product/many applications (FIBEROCK®).
Versatile. Ceiling tiles, panels and suspension systems designed for quick and economical installation in general, acoustic and specialist applications. (Mars™ ClimaPlus™, Sonata, Olympia, Radar).