Manufacturer/Supplier Material Integrity

USG Boral meets or exceeds the set of requirements that our products’ technical specifications must meet as per the industry standards with available certifications.

To ensure product integrity, USG Boral focus on the quality fundamentals with distinct rigor and discipline. We ensure the design intent and process capability be established early in the product lifecycle. Production teams manufacture the as designed product in a repeatable, affordable way which translates into reducing the risk of market recalls, streamline product approvals from external regulatory bodies, comply with industry standards, increase brand credibility, Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and optimize costs.


Manufacturer/Supplier Material Availability

USG Boral ensures the availability of raw materials from various excellent sources along with alternate mechanisms readily available in order to maintain the material availability all the time to serve our customers.


Manufacturer/Supplier Partial Delivery

Partial shipment capabilities are important because they help create a better customer experience. We would have to turn the customer away if we couldn’t fulfill the entire order at once. This is a loss of mutual interests.

That’s why USG Boral in such rare situations can work out an agreement with its customers that allows for partial shipment. In this way, we can still process large order, but can ship the requested products in two or more deliveries and still able to meet the customer’s expectations.


Manufacturer/Supplier Cost Vs. Quality

USG Boral understands that when it comes to your work, you want the best possible results in the most efficient time possible. That is why we remain ambitious and disciplined in our pursuit of the highest standards of quality, efficiency and service. It’s a never-ending commitment to learning, improving and striving to be the best at what we do. So customers like you can get the results they need, in the time they need it.

Some Companies that are hell-bent on reducing costs end up sacrificing quality for their own temporary performance showcase. They tend to do the bare minimums and haggle with the customer over petty matters.

But USG Boral ensures both optimum cost and optimum quality with no compromise whatsoever.

Manufacturer/Supplier Installation Supervision

Installation Supervision: USG Boral supports the contractors with supervision on installation of its products as follows:

-          Control over observance of technology of installation;

-          Work in close contact with the experts of the organization that carries out the installation, to ensure the correct installation and assembly, perform work with proper quality

-          Providing necessary documents for reference


Manufacturer/Supplier One Stop Shop

Convenience is one of the many reasons why consumers prefer to purchase goods and services from a one-stop-shop. Instead of having to go to multiple businesses, they can just go to one location for all of their needs.

The same convenience is present for USG Boral that makes many different products. Customers may not think there is a difference between companies that outsource some of their manufacturing and those that do it all in-house, but there are distinct advantages.

Here are four reasons why a one-stop-shop is beneficial for your business:

Lower Costs: Manufacturing everything in-house saves the customer money because the company does not purchase the product at its retail price and mark it up further like a reseller. The savings will be even more pronounced when purchasing the product in larger quantities. Lower costs are a great benefit of choosing a vendor that does as much in-house as possible.

Better Communication: Just the slightest issue can affect and delay the whole project, so having everything in-house makes communication much better. This helps settle issues quickly and decisively, all while keeping you in the loop.

Quicker Turnaround: On a similar note, a true one-stop-shop produces a much quicker turnaround. There are no extra product shipments or scheduling conflicts. Receiving products late often cause huge headaches for customers and this in-house workflow stops inefficiency in its tracks.

Better Product Fit: The final reason to work with a one-stop-shop is that there is a better product fit. When a company manufactures each part of the product it has a better sense of how the whole thing fits together. This creates a more innovative and cohesive product that could not have been produced by many different companies throughout the process. For most customers getting a unique and stellar product is the most important goal and working with a one-stop-shop accomplishes this.

Manufacturer/Supplier Approvals

It is important to check that prospective manufacturer/supplier are technically and financially sound and therefore capable of completing work or supply once contracted to the Project.

USG Boral has a sound portfolio of reference projects with all the required approvals from major engineering consultants to be a prestigious manufacturer/supplier for the main contractors.


Manufacturer/Supplier Local Building Codes, Knowledge and Compliance

Building codes address many of a society’s most important concerns, including public health and safety, and environmental protection. Building codes establish a building’s quality, safety and energy performance for years to come, because initial design and construction decisions determine operational and maintenance costs for the life of the building. Building codes and design and construction decisions affect us every day. Some requirements such as fire safety codes and structural and seismic standards affect us in obvious ways. Others, such as lighting quality, acoustics and the air we breathe also have major effects on our health and productivity. We spend nearly 90 percent of our lives inside buildings.

That’s why USG Boral’s highly trained technical team possessing complete knowledge about the local building codes ensure to comply with the all the applicable building codes related to its products.


Manufacturer/Supplier On-site Training

Join one of our training programs and find out more about selecting and installing our products. They include theoretical and hands-on training in the different applications, selection and installation of our products. Our trainers are certified USG Boral engineers with years of experience, who work onsite with our customers, every day, all over the world.

The training is designed to increase your team’s skills, reduce mistakes onsite and associated costs. Our training programs are held at USG Boral premises or we can come to your office or jobsite.

View our gallery of past projects to see USG Boral people, products and systems in action. Innovation Inspired by You™.