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First LEED Platinum project in the region

Application/building type: Education/Research Center.
Location: Riyadh– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Designer: Zaha Hadid
Featured products:

DEPA  were subcontracted the interior finishing contract; USG joined forces with DEPA team and provided solutions for what was designed. USG became the main supplier for KAPSARC for the following products:

DUROCK cement board ( Approved by Saudi ARAMCO)
Ceiling and Drywall Partition including (Furring channels, Primary channels, Rod Hangers…)

Fiberglass Drywall Tape
All Drywall Steel framing systems for non fire rated below 7 meters
Sheetrock Joint compound
Control joints, Beads….

Technical support was provided regarding the ceiling and wall partition design. Level 5 finish was acheived using USG SHEETROCK® BRAND TUFF-HIDE™ PRIMER-SURFACER.

Inspiration for Main contractors - KAPSARC Project

Technical support was provided regarding the ceiling and wall partition design.Level 5 finish was acheived using USG SHEETROCK® BRAND TUFF-HIDE™ PRIMER-SURFACER.

A project for Saudi Aramco, Designed by Zaha Hadid, Executed by Drake and Scull is the first LEED Platinum in the region. KAPSARC’s main building is a crystalline structure composed of modular six-sided cells with many connections between them, as well as a series of shaded outdoor spaces, gardens, and underground tunnels. Nearby, a modern library and conference center will aid in the center’s quest to become a preeminent energy research center.

USG Boral’s patented SHEETROCK® Tuff-Hide™ Primer-Surfacer – a vinyl-acrylic latex based coating designed for interior application over new plasterboard and SHEETROCK® surfaces – was used on ceilings and walls in the high profile KAPSARC project in Riyadh, KSA. Tuff-Hide™ can be applied by roller or spray application. Spray application is recommended for larger surfaces, such as the KASARC project. Tuff-Hide™ skims and primes in one single application compared to the traditional method of skim coating with a joint compound followed by a coat of primer. It dries to a hard, abrasion-resistant surface and can be sanded to achieve a smoother finish. For normal applications, standard paints can be used over Tuff-Hide™. For areas requiring greater durability and toughness, waterborne enamels are recommended for finish coats.