ORBI Cinema – Dubai, UAE

ORBI Cinema – Dubai, UAE

ORBI Cinema – Dubai, UAE

Success Story

For the first time in the Middle East… USG Boral develops ORBI Cinema using gypsum partitions.

The first of its kind outside of Japan and the first to use gypsum partitions for its auditoria, USG Boral successfully developed ORBI Dubai and helped creating otherworldly experiences.

ORBI Cinema is an attraction place like no other, consisting of twelve different nature zones. The centerpiece of the attraction is the Earth Theatre, a 35-meter-wide screen with a powerful 3D sound system where the natural world comes to life through state-of-the-art technologies including fog, vibratory sensations, and even fragrances!

Application/Building Type: Entertainment / Cinema

Name: ORBI Cinema 
Dubai, UAE 
Featured Products:  USG Boral specialized curved drywall partition  

USG Boral faced the challenge of installing acoustical walls that can be integrated with the needed sound and light technologies, along with features of being noncombustible, moisture-resistant, and noise absorbing.

This is why we’ve innovated systems and products to provide a curved drywall partition to a radius of less than 4 meters using high-density plasterboard achieving the high acoustic performance required.

"14-meter-high lightweight curved walls plus freestanding auditoria with high acoustic requirements were also installed."

What makes the products used in this project stand out, is that they are easier to assemble and install than traditional products, resistant to fire, moisture, and weather changes, along with being manufactured according to the highest global quality standards.

What’s more important is that we successfully granted the public the opportunity of an unforgettable cinema experience with our global acoustical and lighting systems to keep save from any audio or visual disturbances.

Why USG Boral ME?

- We understood the customer needs and matched them with the design and specifications, all within the budget.
- Our technical teams excelled from designing to final installation in order to achieve optimal use of the product.
- Because we are inspired by you!


ORBI Cinema – Dubai, UAE

ORBI Cinema – Dubai, UAE