DONN® DX®/DXL™ T15 Exposed Grid

This ceiling suspension system has an innovative, proprietary self-centering device built into each runner, preventing panel lip-out.

USG BORAL Donn® Brand DX®/DXL™ Acoustical Suspension System is rust resistant and offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for acoustical panels, light fixtures and air distribution elements.  The system can be used in both general and fire-rated applications

Features and Benefits:

  • DONN® DXLT™  Components  are  designed for use in general and fire-rated applications.
  • Safe, fast and simple to install & easily accessible
  • Maximum economy and design simplicity
  • Cross-tees  with override-ends resist twisting and give professionally finished look 
  • Patented QUICK-RELEASE TM clip design which  make the grid module demountable without tools
  • Audible Click means you know when tees are connected
  • Compatible with square edge , FL and FLB edge ceiling tiles
  • Meets or exceeds all national code requirements, including seismic.
  • High recycled content (HRC) , higher than 50%.
  • Available in metric and imperial sizes
Physical Properties:
  • Body Materials  HDG Steel
  • Capping Materials  Pre-painted  steel, Aluminum 
  • Cap is also  optional for additional corrosion
  • and humidity resistance
  • Fire Rated Design Class A
  • Colors: White  RAL 9016, others available upon request

Greater than 50% Recycled Content (HRC)

  • Fire-rated interior general use areas
  • Interior general-use areas
  •  USG Logix™ Integrated System
Product Category:

T 15 Fire Rated (FR - Cross Section Height 38 MM)

Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid

  • Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid
    Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid
Installation Guidelines