Clip-in Ceiling Panels

Clip-in metal tiles  are attractive panels  supported  by a concealed  suspension system, forming a seamless and monolithic ceiling appearance.

USG BORAL Lay-in  metal tiles  come in square and rectangular shape, preformed  with bevelled edges  and vertical sides which incorporates  single or double locking systems  that snap into the spring T.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of standard square and rectangular panels in plain and perforated patterns
  • Durable and washable polyester powder finish
  • Strong modulor with grip tight  unique  clipping system
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • High sound absorption and sound attenuation
  • Extensive range of perimeter options
  •  Designed to achieve high fire resistance ratings under the most demanding conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
Physical Properties:
  • Clip-in panels  are all in bevelled edges
  • Concealed suspension system
  • Material  Aluminum  Series  3000
  • Fire Rated Design Class A
  • Moisture, Sag and Mold Resistant
  • Texture(s): Smooth, Plain & Perforated
  • Colors: White  RAL 9016

Greater than 50% Recycled Content (HRC)

  • Computer and utility rooms
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Transportation terminals
  •  Hospitality
  • Exterior Soffits 

300 x 300MM; 600 x 600 MM; 600 x 1200 MM; 300 x 1500MM & 300 x 1200MM

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