Lay-in Ceiling Panels

Lay-in panels  are demountable tiles with flash or tegular effect  which is particualrly suitable for commercial, retail and dispaly areas where access to the ceiling plenum is required .

USG BORAL Lay-in  metal tiles  come in square and rectangular shape, designed  with formed edges to rest on the flange s of  exposed T 15 and T24 Grid systems. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of standard square and rectangular panels in plain and perforated patterns
  • Durable and washable polyester powder finish
  • Easy access for service maintenance
  • Robust and easy to clean
  •  High sound absorption and sound attenuation
  • Extensive range of perimeter options
  •  Designed to achieve high fire resistance ratings under the most demanding conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
Physical Properties:
  • Lay-in panels ,Revealed SL & FL edges
  • Suspension Systems DX®/DXL™ T15 & T24
  • Material  Aluminum  Series  3000
  • Fire Rated Design Class A 
  • Seismic Performance Category C,D,E & F
  • Moisture, Sag and Mold Resistant 
  • Texture(s): Smooth, Plain & Perforated
  • Colors: White  RAL 9016

Greater than 50% Recycled Content (HRC)

  • Computer and utility rooms
  •  Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Frequently accessed interior ceiling plenums

300 x 300MM; 600 x 600 MM; 600 x 1200 MM