Ceiling Suspension System

USG BORAL Drywall Suspension System is a concealed framing systems designed to construct regular, fire and acoustic high quality wall board ceilings that offer monolithic appearance and excellent stability.
The system is made from materials that comply to ASTM C645 and C527, with a minimum G60 coating or equivalent.
All Drywall ceiling channels are produced in 3 meter lengths unless otherwise specified.

Features and Benefits:

  • Meet or exceed all international code requirements 
  • Fully compatible with all standard wall boards.
  • Knurled flanges for easier attachment of exposed materials
  • Dimensionally stable with High load bearing capacity
  • Won’t warp, twist or bow
  • Length is optional and can be customized as per customer needs. 
  • Large range of size and thickness available.
  • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)
Physical Properties:

Body Materials   Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel in G60 and G90 coating weight or  equivalent.

  • Furring Channel - Omega Shape: Furring Size: 22 x 69 x 22MM
  • Furring Thickness  from 0.45 up to 1.5MM
  • Primary Channel s: 
  • Primary Channel Size : 12 x 38 x 12MM and 15 x 60 x 15 MM
  • Primary Channel Thickness  from 0.50 up to 1.5MM
  • Perimeter Angles L & W Shapes:
  • Perimeter Channel  Size:  25 x 25; 25 x 40 MM and 50 x 50MM
  • Perimeter  Channel Thickness  from 0.45 up to 1.5MM
  • Shadow Angle Size: 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 MM - 0.50MM thick