Beadex® Paper Faced Metal Bead

Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim includes a full range of high-quality products in shapes and sizes designed to meet any decorating need. Made with a strong paper tape laminated to a sturdy, rust-resistant metal form,

Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim resists edge-cracking and chipping. The coated paper tape covering ensures excellent adhesion of joint compound for a strong, smooth finish.

No nailing is required with the tape-on styles, making installation and precision corner alignment easier while eliminating nail pops. Superior performance provides both long-lasting beauty and cost-effective installation.

Features & Benefits:

- Installs faster than bare metal bead.

- Backed by a limited-lifetime, no-edgecrack warranty for long-term performance.

- Offers high-quality straight lines for interior architectural features.

- Available in a variety of profiles to maximize design flexibility.

- Durable paper facing reduces paint-andcompound chipping.

Additions Jointing And Finishing Level 5 Finish