Protect Drywall edges around door and window openings and provide a smooth trim line at intersections.

Features & Benefits:

- Made of corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet steel in compliance with ASTM A-653.

- Ideal for both steel and wood-frame construction

- Create beautiful, problem-free corners economically

- Fast, easy application reduces labor costs.

- Variety of styles permits design flexibility.

- Metal J-trims are produced in according with ASTM C645 and C955.

- Available in different perforation patterns for screw-free installation

Physical Properties:
  • Galvanized steel G90
  • Yield stress, Fy 33 ksi Ultimate
  • Perforations: Standard - 2 Patterns
  • Sizes:
  • Length: 3000 mm
  • Dimensions: 13x14x25 mm or 13x17x25 mm
  • Thickness: 0.45 mm