USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound is a vinyl-based, ready-mixed, High performance compound formulated for filling and smoothing monolithic interior concrete walls and ceilings.

Designed to provide superior crack resistance and durability, it is easily applied with a steel trowel and can be sanded to achieve a fine, white surface. USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound is a non-asbestos formula.

It is a fit-for purpose compound for professional applicators that provides excellent coverage and is formulated to have minimal shrinkage. Complies with ASTM C475.

Features & Benefits: 

- Ready-mixed Convenience
- Better durability, hardness and smoothness than conventional compound
- Excellent shrink and resistance to crack

Physical Properties:
  • Vinyl Type Ready-mixed
  • Air-Drying Type for around 2.5 hours
  • Packaging: 28KG Pail
  • Coverage: 87Kg/100sqm (0.5mm WFT) ; 175 Kg/100sqm (1mm WFT)
  • Density : 1.6Kg/L
  • Applications:
  • Hand or mechanical tool application
  • Allow each coat to completely dry before applying the next coat
  • Thoroughly clean all tools and equipment after use
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Additions Jointing And Finishing Level 5 Finish