USG Durock™ Brand Interior and Exterior Tapes are specially designed to reinforce the joints and corners of USG tile backerboard panels and Durock® Cement Board.

USG Durock™ Interior and Exterior Tapes are made of alkali-resistant glass-fi ber mesh to provide a strong, long-lasting joint. 

Features & Benefits:

For joint reinforcement of USG Durock® Brand Cement Board, USG Fiberock® Brand Underlayment and Tile Backerboard, USG Durock™ Brand Glass-Mat Tile Backerboard, and USG Durock™ Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard.

  • Alkali-resistant glass-fiber construction
  • Reinforces joints and corners of cement board in exterior substrate applications and interior tile or thin-brick applications
  • Sizes for interior (2" wide) and exterior (4" wide) joint reinforcement
Physical Properties:
  • Type: alkali-resistant glass-fiber mesh
  • izes: USG Durock™ Interior Tape: Rolls, 2" x 50' and 2" x 250'. USG Durock™ Exterior Tape: Rolls, 4" x 150'. 
  • Prefill joints between panels of USG Durock® Cement Board.
  • Embed USG Durock™ Interior Tape in latex modified mortar or latex-based Type I mastic over the joint.
  • Prefill all USG Fiberock® Brand Underlayment joints with tile setting mortar or adhesive.
  • Prefi ll joints between panels of USG Durock® Glass-Mat Tile Backerboard with tile-setting mortar or adhesive.