USG Imperial® Veneer Finish

Create strong, abrasion-resistant interior finishes ideal for withstanding the bumping and scuffing of high-traffic areas.

USG Imperial® Veneer Finish is a high-strength finish plaster that yields exceptionally hard surfaces when used over USG Imperial® Gypsum Base, veneer or conventional high-strength sanded basecoats. The finish applies in just one layer and can be easily textured or finished as a supremely hard smooth-coat.

Features & Benefits: 

USG Imperial® Veneer Finish is a fast-finishing compound that is usually suitable for painting the day after application.

  • Durable, stable, and offers the strength needed in high-traffic areas
  • Economical construction offers substantial savings in finishing materials and application time
  • Finish is usually ready for next-day decoration with a latex-based breather-type paint
  • Fire-resistant construction when used with USG Imperial® Gypsum Base
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