USG Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels


Create a high-tech look that will leave a lasting impression with these elegant yet functional translucent ceiling panels.  

USG Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels come in a variety of colors as 2'x2' and 2'x6' panels, which offer full accessibility to the ceiling plenum. 

They are perfect for lobbies, contemporary office spaces, entertainment and gaming facilities, high bay areas and retail spaces.


Features and Benefits:

USG Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels are available in more than 20 finishes, colors and patterns, producing numerous decorative options appropriate for a variety of ceiling applications. Finishes include Lexan, Natural, Woven, Industrial, Shimmer, Textile and Embossed, each with an assortment of colors that project customized looks and moods.

- Fully accessible translucent (luminous) lay-in panels
- Panels can be used with standard Donn® brand DX®/DXL™, Centricitee™DXT™,Curvatura™ 3-D System and GridWare™ suspension systems
- Available in 6 finishes: Natural (4 color choices), Woven (3 color choices), Industrial (2 color choices), Shimmer (2 color choices), Textiles (7 color choices) and Embossed (2 color choices)
- 2'x2' panels (23-3/4"x23-3/4") in all finishes
- 2'x6' panels (23-3/4"x71-3/4") in all finishes 
- Woven, Shimmer, Textiles, Industrial and natural finishes contain a minimum 40% recycled content
- Embossed acrylic panels contain a minimum of 50% recycled content
- Coordinating suspension and trim colors as well as larger color swatches can be found on the Translucents™ Finishes page (IC552)

Physical Properties
  • Type: Luminous Specialty Ceiling Panels, Luminous Infill Panels, Specialty Suspended Ceiling Panels
  • Material: Lexan
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Sag Resistant
  • Colour(s): Artichoke, Avanti, Beige Interlock, Butterscotch, Cache White, FRP Corrugated, FRP Smooth, Hazelnut, Honey Iridescent, Iris, Leaves, Lexan Clear Matte, Lexan Glass Green Matte, Lexan Glass Green Matte #542, Lipstick Meander, Luna Ice, Mandarin Iridescent, Nautical, Ovalesque Frost, Paper Leaf, Rain, Searchlight, Silver Spun, White Fiber optic, White Meander, White Mesh
  • Panel Size: 610mm (603mm)
  • Panel Width: 610mm (603mm) or 1830mm (1822mm)
  • Up to 50 % Recycled
  • Applications
  • Lobbies
  • Contemporary office environments
  • Entertainment, gaming areas
  • High-bay areas
  • Retail stores