Turkey's top 100 exporters

USG Boral Turkey ranked among Turkey's top 100 exporters of paints and interior finishes

The Turkish subsidiary of the leading manufacturer of construction products and interior finishes, USG Boral ME, has been certified as one of the top 100 exporters of interior paints and finishes in Turkey, according to the Istanbul Association of Chemical Exporters İKMİB.



The company earned the rating thanks to its leading interior finishes products.

USG Boral features a wide range of interior finishing products and unique solutions, manufactured according to the highest international standards, suitable for various finishing, decorating and repairing. The company's products are compatible with concrete surfaces and gypsum panels, making it flexible for various types of finishes and projects.

It needs to be mentioned that İKMİB is a leading company in the Turkish chemical sector, interested in international partnerships with innovative companies in the field.