Situated in Kangar, Perlis is Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), the 17th Public Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia. It is an engineering-based university which established on July 2001. This huge area has 15 zones which accommodate around five thousand students together with a workforce of more than one thousand people.

With such massive size of occupants and high traffic in these buildings, specific needs must be considered supporting its interior building materials. The core of the university basic design assimilated with USG Boral’s High Acoustics system which provides better performance compare to conventional wall system, and Fire & Resistant Drywall system which equipped with an excellent fire rated performance.


High-Acoustic system

USG Boral StandardCORE
USG Boral StandardCORE is the most versatile and modern interior lining product which is suitable for ceiling and wall application. It can be fixed to timber, metal framing and masonry construction with a high quality finish to any interior projects.


Fire-Resistant Drywall and Ceiling system

USG Boral Firestop
USG Boral Firestop is the market leader for interior lining fire protection, ideal for lining walls, ceilings beams, and columns which are used extensively throughout the world for commercial and residential construction. It is simple to install and specifically developed, and tested for use in fire rated applications. The application of this product in single and multiple layers provides a variety of fire rated and acoustical performance.