Designers no longer need to compromise design for quality, with the USG Boral Echostop™ it provides an acoustic and decorative solution. USG Boral Echostop™ is a perforated gypsum board designed for systems requiring both superior acoustic and aesthetic abilities. Its superior appearance contributes to where the ‘look’ is important as well as its acoustic performance providing an essence for schools, large open area ceilings in hotels, conference and concert halls, and office.

USG Boral Echostop™ is specially developed to meet both noise reduction with quality design specifications for commercial buildings. USG Boral Echostop™ is available in a number of different designs, with Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) performance ranging from 0.55-0.8

  • Tapered Edges
  • Internal wall and ceiling applications
Physical Properties:
  • Size 12 x 1200 x 2400mm
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