Clean Room™ ClimaPlus™

Clean Room™ ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are perfect for100-rated and10M to 100M-rated clean rooms, computer and control rooms, kitchens and food prep areas (Class 100 only) and sterile rooms.They are designed with Firecode® for use in fire-rated assemblies and are available in high recycled content (HRC).

  • Squared edges
  • Embossed vinyl-laminated face with sealed back and edges for use in Class 100 (cross reference to Class 5 per ISO 14644-1) or 10M-100M as per Federal standards 209E for Classification by airborne particles.
  • Made with fire code base materials
  • High recycled content
  • Certified USDA/FSIS bio-based products
  • High humidity resistance and anti-mold and mildew growth
Physical Properties:

Panel size : 600 x 600 x 15mm

  • Suitable for sterile rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories and wet areas such as kitchens and toilets.

Information provided are for reference purpose only and due care has been taken to ensure accuracy at time of publication. Products, specifications and requirements may vary according to geographical locations and applications. As each project is unique, please contact your local USG Boral representative for further assessment.