EasyJoint™ 20

USG Boral EasyJoint™ 20 is an all-purpose, plaster based and setting type compound formulated for the bedding of plasterboard joints, angles, and spotting fastener heads, with a consistent setting time of 20 minutes.


  • Consistent setting time.
  • Mixes easily to form a smooth and creamy gauge.
  • Easy scrape back.
  • Excellent joint filling with excellent adhesion, high strength, and low shrinkage.


Recommended Usage

  • EasyJoint™ 20 is suitable for use as all three coats in the USG Boral three coat jointing system.
  • EasyJoint™ 20 is also recommended for use as the first and second coat in USG Boral three coat jointing systems when used in conjunction with USG Boral Premium Premix or Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound as the finishing coat


Additional Information

Mixing Process

  • Always use clean cold water, tools and containers.
  • Do not mix with residues of previously used compounds; use of dirty tools or containers may reduce working time and strength.
  • Always add EasyJoint™ 20  to water (5kg of powder to 2.5kg of water).
  • Mix only enough EasyJoint™ 20  to meet needs.
  • Mix by hand or with a power mixer (max of 400rpm) until a workable paste has been achieved.
  • Caution: Do not overmix. Overmixing can introduce air bubbles, which can create surface imperfections and reduces working time.
  • Once setting has commenced the material cannot be remixed and must be discarded.

Application Process

  • Surfaces must be clean and free from dust.
  • The use of paper tape is recommended such as USG Boral Paper Joint Tape.
  • Ensure there is sufficient amount of compound under the paper tape to provide adhesion.

Technical Data and Notes

USG Boral EasyJoint™ 20

Product Data:
  • Compound Type: Setting type powdered compound
  • Setting Time: 30 minutes setting time, 20 minutes working time
  • Mixing Ratio: 2 parts of compound to 1 part of clean water in kg
  • Packaging: 20kg bag
  • Coverage: 65m² per 20kg bag (based on 3 coats application method)
  • Storage: Store in a dry environment protected from temperature extremes. Opening the bag and/or storing it in an unsuitable environment can shorten the life span of the product.
  • Shelf Life: Best before 9 months from production date
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