USG Boral EasyCove

EASYCOVE Cornice Adhesive is a plaster-based adhesive, primarily used for bonding cove and decorative cornices to plaster surfaces and for reinforcing joints in cornices. EasyCovecan also be used for bonding back-blocks to plasterboard joints, to bond two plasterboard sheets and to close up gaps in fire rated drywall constructions.


  • Fastbondwith exceptional strength
  • Mixes easily to a creamy, lump-free gauge
  • Excellent wet tack
  • High adhesion and high strength


Recommended Usage

  • EasyCove Cornice Adhesive is recommended for use with paperfaced cornice and cast fibrous plaster decorative cornice
  • EasyCove Cornice Adhesive is recommended for bonding plaster decorative products


Additional Information

Mixing Process

  • Always use clean cold water, tools and containers
  • Use of dirty tools or containers may affect product performance
  • Do not mix with residues of previously used compounds
  • Always add EasyCove Cornice Adhesive to water (5kg of powder to 2.5kg of water)
  • Mix only enough EasyCoveCornice Adhesive to meet needs
  • Mix by hand or with a power mixer (max of 400rpm) until a workable paste has been achieved
  • Caution:  Do not overmix. Overmixing can reduce the working time. It can also introduce air bubbles, which can create surface imperfections
  • Once setting has commenced the material cannot be remixed and must be discarded

Application Process

  • 1. To ensure accurate placement of cornice, mark the cornice depth/wall line on all internal and mitre ends
  • 2. Mix EasyCove Cornice Adhesive to a smooth consistency and apply beads approx. 10mm in diameter, to the back of cornice, ceiling lines and mitre ends
  • 3. A. Carefully place the cornice length on the wall line, then press firmly into position
        B. Fix temporary supporting nails along the wall and ceiling line to hold cornice in place until the compound has partially set
  • 4. A. Use the excess compound to fill any hollow areas on the wall and ceiling line
        B. At the same time remove temporary fixing points and patch holes. Apply EasyCove Cornice Adhesive to internal and external mitre using a small tool
        C. Clean wall and ceiling line with a wet sponge, mitre are to be finished using a small brush


Technical Data and Notes

USG Boral EasyCove

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