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EasyJoint™ 30

EasyJoint™ 30 (Previously known as Premium Dry Mix) is a plaster-based all purpose compound specially formulated for flush jointing plasterboards, internal and external angles as well as fastener heads. It is quick-setting to allow jointing to be completed in a single day.

• Consistent working time
• Quick set
• Easy mixing
• Low shrinkage

Product Data:
  • Compound Type: Setting type powdered compound
  • Setting Time: 30 minutes setting time, 20 minutes working time
  • Mixing Ratio: 2 parts of compound to 1 part of clean water in kg
  • Packaging: 20kg bag
  • Coverage: 65m² per 20kg bag (based on 3 coats application method)
  • Storage: Store in a dry environment protected from temperature extremes. Opening the bag and/or storing it in an unsuitable environment can shorten the life span of the product.
  • Shelf Life: Best before 9 months from production date
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