USG Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound| USG Boral

Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound

An All Purpose Joint Compound that provides overall high performance. An ideal special latex formulation for embedding paper tape and for filling, levelling, and finishing over gypsum panel joint, fasteners, bead and trim. Offers excellent bond and brilliant for skim coating and hand applying simple texture.

  • Excellent bond
  • Smoother working
  • Excellent for skim coating, embedding paper tape and for filling, levelling and finishing.
  • Easy working and sanding.
Physical Properties:
  • Compound type: Ready-mix air drying type compound
  • Material: Latex type formulation
  • Packaging: 5kg and 28kg pails
  • Drying Time: 12-24 hours (depending on local conditions)
  • Jointing Coverage: Approximately 56.7 to 68.0kg/1000 sq. ft (61.0   to 73.2 kg/100sq.m) of gypsum panels.
  • Storage: Store in protected place, away from extreme temperatures
  • Shelf Life: Best before 9 months under good storage conditions.