USG Boral Malaysia is committed to provide continuing professional development (CPD, in short), with a focus on acoustics, fire, and wall and ceiling systems to professional architects, registered architects, and building draughtsmen. This time around, in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) for the first time, the PAM CPD Technical Talk which was held in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur on 23rd February 2020 included a presentation by Mr. Peter Wood, Director of Architectural and Technical Services for USG Boral Malaysia. Peter focused on the possibilities of a lightweight drywall system in the building construction phase of hotel buildings.

Peter spoke about a hotel’s acoustics design influencing its productivity and constructability while impacting sustainability, revenue and profitability. Through his talk, he addressed the importance of a hotel’s effort to provide strong WIFI connectivity and overall staying experience, including the quality of rest and privacy. Next, he mentioned about the differences of drywall preferences used in various hotels of 3-5 star ratings and went on to demonstrate how lightweight wall and ceiling solutions can optimise and future-proof today’s hotel design that could generate better customer reviews over time.

USG Boral Malaysia values customer centricity and so, a survey was conducted among 67 attendees to gather information about their understanding on Peter’s presentation, the product highlights, and their response towards such a talk. At the end of the survey, they got a chance at winning themselves a 30” limited edition USG Boral Malaysia umbrella. Mockup systems that were on display outside the auditorium included GMS Drywall with Tile, GMS External Ceiling, QuietWall®, QuietWall® with Fiberock®. All these aim to provide the attendees with a better understanding of each material.

The talk was a good idea to bring focus onto new product innovations to be sure they remain current and useful to different market segments. This year, USG Boral Malaysia goes in depth on the hotel segment and how drywall and ceiling systems are able to meet the requirements of hospitality environments, including aesthetics, sound absorption, fire protection, and mould resistance. In short, Mr. Wood’s presentation offered suggestions on how to revolutionise the hotel industry by looking at lightweight drywall and ceiling systems.

The event also included a product talk by USG Boral Malaysia’s Systems and Substrates Manager, Mr. Hector Nieto, on SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Sheathing (GMS). The sheathing boards are a key product of USG Boral Malaysia – the boards are non-combustible, moisture- and mold-resistant panel, which offers a 100% inorganic fiberglass facer and backer mat – perfect for wet area drywall and semi-exposed ceiling applications.

USG Boral Malaysia is a leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum-based wall and ceiling lining systems, mineral fiber acoustical ceiling systems, metal framing, joint compounds, high-performance panels and accessories throughout Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. None of it would be possible without the growing needs of the society for wall and ceiling solutions integrated into homes, retail spaces and buildings.

The PAM CPD Technical Talk had given us the opportunity to learn from experts in the construction field. We thank both Peter and Hector for their time and willingness to share their insights about the world of acoustics design and sheathing boards.