USG Boral Malaysia Featured in Malaysia Home and Décor Website

USG Boral Malaysia Featured in Malaysia Home and Décor Website

Leading building materials supplier USG Boral Malaysia was recently featured in Malaysia Home and Décor website. USG Boral Malaysia Managing Director, Mr. Daron Cheah, took this opportunity to clear up common misconceptions regarding drywalls as well as explaining the benefits they offer.

Mr. Cheah addressed 3 primary misapprehensions pertaining to drywalls:

1. Drywalls are not strong and secure. The fear of weak, unsafe, and easily destroyable wall in homes.

2. Prefabricated homes are not flexible in design and are not stylish. People think that prefabricated homes are pre-manufactured from moulds and would end up looking like ‘Lego houses’.

3. Soundproofing in drywalls are poor, hence they are not suitable for homes

To counter these misconceptions, Mr. Cheah explained that five-star hotels such as St Regis Hotel and the Four Seasons hotel opt to utilize drywall between their rooms because they meet standard soundproofing requirements. He also highlighted other benefits that drywall offers including faster and easier maintenance, smoother and straighter wall texture, and flexibility to extend a space when needed.

With over a century’s worth of experience, it goes without saying that the company is a forefront expert when it comes to plasterboard and drywall systems. Despite being a seasoned veteran in the industry, USG Boral ensures it remains relevant by constantly innovating and reinventing its products and systems. In fact, the company recently launched its Sheetrock® plasterboard in Malaysia, which is 18% lighter compared to plasterboards with the same thickness. These Sheetrock® plasterboards also come with a sag-resistance feature coined as Sag-Defying Strength™, which makes them perfect to be used especially in the hot and humid Southeast Asian climate.