Uku Apartments - IntRwall Intertenancy System

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IntRwall Intertenancy System Withstands Severe Weather Exposure During Construction

The IntRwall intertenancy system by USG Boral enabled simultaneous construction of interior and exterior walls at the Uku apartments, improving time and labour efficiencies.

Designed by Context Architects, developed by Ngāi Tahu Property and built by Haydn & Rollett, the Uku Apartments situated within Kerepeti are set to provide modern living options in Hobsonville Point. As one of the highest density projects in Hobsonville, the apartment development will feature 56 homes in total, in a five storey apartment building featuring the USG Boral IntRwall intertenancy system.

Based on a panelised construction principle, the IntRwall system utilises 25mm Shaftliner plasterboard panels fitted between steel H-studs. Services are easily incorporated in wall cavities on one or both sides of the wall. As the fire lining is sandwiched in the middle of the system — rather than on the outer face, penetrations of the wall do not need to be fire rated. This leaves Uku Apartment residents free to hang artwork and photos, without compromising the fire lining.

Another key benefit of IntRwall is its ability to withstand severe weather exposure during the build period. This enabled Haydn & Rollett to begin the interior wall build as they were closing in the exterior walls. This synchronised build process helped the developer get ahead, focus on more troublesome areas and save on labour costs.

Backed by a 50 year supplier warranty, the USG Boral IntRwall intertenancy system will ensure safe, fire resistant walls for Uku apartment residents. The building is set to be completed in September 2018.