Marion Hostel - A full USG Boral Wall System

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Marion Hostel, Elegance with a Full System Warranty

A full USG Boral Wall System including; plasterboard, jointing compounds and decorative cornice was chosen for the Marion Hostel, providing exceptional durability and 10 Year System Warranty.

Currently under the final stages of construction, the Marion Hostel in Wellington’s Marion St will offer affordable accommodation for visitors to the windy city. When designing for his new business venture, Project Manager and new hostel owner Elliot Corleison looked for robust surfaces capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear from luggage and boisterous guests.

“We aimed at making something that’s going to last a long time and be really functional as a hostel,” says Elliot. “We chose USG Boral’s Technical Multi-Function boards because it was affordable and when comparing samples the strength of their board was noticeably stronger than other boards.” In total 5,500m² of USG Boral Plasterboard was specified from the Firestop, Multistop 4 and Sheetrock ranges, along with 500Lm of Decorative Cornice.

A standout feature of the design is the use of USG Boral decorative cornice, Cairo 4 with unique sharp lines and New York with smooth curves – adding a touch of elegance to the rooms and corridors. Elliot explains that he chanced upon the Cairo 4 profile and found it fitted perfectly with the style of the building. “The square lines of the profile went really well with the design which had exposed steel and bricks,” he says. “It’s so out of the ordinary and works really well.”

Elliot says that installation of USG Boral’s products was straightforward, helping his team stick to their schedule. “It was simple, the sheet sizes were close to what we needed, and we got good deliveries in terms of huge quantities. This meant we only had to use a crane twice.”

He was also impressed with the USG Boral’s team. “The level of service they provided is unlike anything I’ve experienced before — both in terms of customer service and dealing with any minor issues.”

Backed by a 10-Year System Warranty, the USG Boral Wall System installed at the Marion Hostel has ensured resilient, long-lasting and attractive surfaces — all while keeping the project right on track

“The hostel is slightly ahead of schedule which is pretty exceptional in a job of this sort of size,” says Elliot. “The service and everything from USG Boral has helped us get it done on time. It’s gone really smoothly.”


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