Progressive Enterprises - Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board

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Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board Forms Integral Part of Durable Warm Roof System

An integral part of the warm roof system at Progressive Enterprises’ headquarters, USG Boral Securock has proven a low maintenance and highly durable solution. 

Four years on from installation, the RoofLogic Ultratherm Recover warm roof system at Progressive Enterprises’ headquarters is still looking as good as the day it was installed. The system's weathertightness ensured that no leaks occurred during installation, nor in the years after — a vast improvement on the original leaking roof. USG Boral’s Securock roof board is an integral part of the system, ensuring durability and high performance for years to come.

The warm roof system was selected to repair the building’s leaking low pitch metal roof without needing to remove and replace the roof entirely. This gave Progressive Enterprises the assurance that there was no need to vacate the building, and lose productivity while the new roof was installed. “Rather than removing the existing roof, we used the existing roof as substrate to install the Recover membrane system,” explains Graham Tennent, Director of RoofLogic. “We engineered a solution whereby we used insulation products along with USG Boral Securock and roofing membrane and were able to install a new Recover roof.”

Securock is a high-performance low-maintenance board designed for use in low slope roofing systems. Its unique fiber-reinforced, uniform composition gives the panel strength, water and mould resistance throughout the core.

“Securock is designed to receive membrane,” says Tennent. “It’s a unique high-performance roof board that provides an ideal substrate for membrane application and is a highly trafficable, durable substrate for the membrane in the long term.”

“Looking back over last four years, Securock has been a great solution,” continues Tennent. “It has worked well, dealt to leaks, improved trafficability, weathertightness and thermal and acoustic performance. Everyone is very happy and it looks like the day it was installed.”


Securock benefits at a glance:

  • Exceptional Strength: Provides superior wind-uplift performance for a range of roof assemblies. USG Boral Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board has uniform composition, providing enhanced bond strength of membrane systems with no risk of facer delamination.
  • Fire Performance: Provides excellent fire performance and demonstrates exceptional surface burning characteristics [ASTM E84 (CAN/ULC-S102) Flame Spread 5, Smoke Developed 0].
  • Moisture and Mould: Uniform water-resistant core ensures excellent moisture and mould resistance. Scored a maximum '10' for mould resistance on ASTM D3273.
  • Versatile: Can be used as a component in single-ply, fluid-applied, built-up, spray foam, metal and modified bitumen roofing.
  • Sustainability: Made from 97% recycled materials.


*The opinions expressed in the testimonial set out above are the opinions of Graham Tennent of RoofLogic and should not be taken to reflect the views or opinions of USG Boral. Please see for more information.

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