Clean Room™ MARS™ ClimaPlus™ Ceiling Panels

Designed for clean-room environments, these panels are sag-resistant and adhere to ISO Cleanroom standards.

CLEAN ROOM® Mars™ ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are perfect for ISO 5 rated clean rooms, computer and control rooms, kitchens/food prep areas (ISO 5 or Class 100 only) and sterile rooms.

Both DONN® DX 24mm and DONN® Centricitee 15mm Grid options are available with an antimicrobial formula designed to adhere to your ceiling design.

  • Clean Rooms ISO Class 5 (Class 100)
  • Water repellent membrane designed to be durable and safe with common disinfectants
  • Washable, scrub able and soil resistant finish
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Exceeds JIS Z 2801 standard for antimicrobial performance, 3rd party certified
  • Meets the requirement for PC1 and PC2 physical containment facilities
  • High light reflectance (LR.89)
  • Excellent noise reduction (NRC.70)
  • ClimaPlus 30 year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mould and mildew
Physical Properties
  • Type: Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Acoustical Suspended Ceiling Panels  
  • Material: Mineral Fiber 
  • Humidity Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant 
  • Texture(s): Fine, Smooth 
  • Colour(s): White 
  • Edge Profile(s): Square Edge 
  • Panel Size: 600 mm; 1200mm
  • Panel Width: 600 mm 
  • Panel Thickness: 15 mm 
  • CAC: 35-39 
  • Light Reflectance: .79 
  • ISO 5 Cleanroom

Up to 76% Recycled
Green Tag Certification

  • Patient Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Nurses’ Stations
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Corridors
  • Toilets and Restrooms
  • Kitchen/food-prep areas