Built with a specially compounded, textured surface, these panels are designed to withstand abuse.

Rock Face® ClimaPlus™ Ceiling Panels are perfect for athletic areas and exercise rooms, schools, corridors and dormitory rooms.  They are durable, fire resistant and sag resistant, mold and mildew resistant, provide good sound absorption and clean easily.

Rock Face® ClimaPlus™ Ceiling Panels are specifically designed to weather more abuse then your typical ceiling panel making them the ultimate choice for areas needing durability.  

  • Specially compounded textured surface with hard core
  • Ideal for increased abuse resistance and sag resistance
  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew
  • FIRECODE® product designed to meet life-safety codes
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): .50 - .60
  • Ceiling Attentuation Class (CAC): 35 - 39
  • Light Reflectance (LR): .86
  • Low-emitting product meets CA Specification 01350, California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for the testing of VOC emissions
Physical Properties
  • Type: Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Acoustical Suspended Ceiling Panels For use in a fire rated system
  • Material: Mineral Fiber Humidity Resistant  Moisture and Mold Resistant Sag Resistant
  • Texture(s): Medium
  • Color(s): White
  • Edge Profile(s): Square Edge
  • Panel Size: 600mm; 1200mm
  • Panel Width: 600mm
  • Panel Thickness: 15mm
  • CAC Min: 35 - 39
  • Light Reflectance: Up to .86
  • NRC: .50 - .60 

Up to 49% Recycled


Administrative Offices, Auditoriums/Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, Corridors/Hallways, Dormitories, Mechanical Rooms, Restrooms/Utility Rooms/Loading Docks, Stairways/Elevator Shafts, Warehouses