ScrewFix® Plasterboard Ceiling Suspension System

For a high quality, lightweight alternative to timber framed ceilings

USG Boral ScrewFix® is a dimensionally stable, cost effective steel furring channel ceiling system, expressly designed for screw attaching sheet linings such as plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement. Other decorative sheet materials can also be used.

  • Maximises headroom
  • Screws or nails to purlins/joists
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Variable adjustment
  • Quick, snap-in design for secure Furring Channel fixing
  • Helps isolate noise transmission
  • Helps minimise joint cracking from structural movement

USG Boral ScrewFix® can be successfully used for new installations, interior retrofits, construction of exterior soffits, and as a batten system for wall furring. It is also suitable for residential constructions featuring large areas of suspended smooth ceilings. For fire protection and safety, USG Boral ScrewFix® can provide a number of different Fire Resistant rating ceiling design options.

  • Rolled safety edge to Furring Channel prevents handling injuries
  • Knurled Furring and Perimeter Channel faces resist screw slip damage to sheet linings
  • Compact stacking, eases freight and storage costs
  • Low profile Furring Channel (23mm) maximizes available ceiling height
  • SnapFix® Clip for faster assembly of Furring Channel to DJ38 Primary Channel
  • Furring Strap secures to ‘C’ Channel or DONN DX38D-3600 main tee
  • CC38 Strongback Clip provides fast, positive connection. It cannot be accidently disengaged – important for Fire Resistant installations
  • Short and long Direct Fix brackets for purlin, truss or joist
  • New adjustable Direct Fix bracket for wall furring
  • MC37 Masonry Clip for furring uneven block/brick walls
  • PC24 Perimeter Channel ideal for edge fixing to walls, bulkheads and access hatches
  • Design Perimeter Channel back is pre-dimpled every 50mm for easier screw fixing
  • Components are USG Boral identified to ensure system compatibility.  Any substitution is likely to result in lower performance and is at the risk of the builder, designer or owner
Physical Properties
  • Type: ScrewFix® Drywall Suspension System
  • Tested to AS1530.4 1990 and can provide a number of different Fire Resistant Ratings (FRR’s)
  • Material: HDG Steel
  • For all areas requiring a smoothly finished, monolithic ceiling plane
  • Flat, curved or inclined