Logix™ Integrated Ceiling System

Turn your ceiling's lighting and utilities into stunning design elements by integrating them into your ceiling plan with this system.

Logix™ Integrated Ceiling System combines striking visual design elements and top-level performance. This flexible and environmentally efficient system allows you to meet building requirements while transforming your ceiling with a sleek modern finish that is ideal for virtually any commercial interior.

Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems incorporate a wide range of products from best-in-class suppliers of light fixtures, air diffusers, returns and sprinklers; ensuring an integrated ceiling with superior fit and finish. 

  • Monolithic, structured ceiling visual using standard components 
  • High light-reflective finish reduces light fixtures and energy use 
  • Coordinates visually with Halcyon™ and Mars™ Logix panels for open/closed plan applications 
  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mould and mildew
Physical Properties
  • Type: Metal Specialty Ceiling Panels, Connector Ceiling Panels, Specialty Suspended Ceiling Panels 
  • Material: HDG Steel 
  • Humidity Resistant 
  • Moisture and Mould Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant 
  • Abuse Resistant 
  • Colour(s): Flat White (050) 
  • Edge Profile(s): Fineline, Flush Mount

Up to 90% Recycled


Building Environments: Convention/Meeting Rooms, Department Stores/Boutiques, Executive Areas/Conference Areas/Board Rooms, Galleries/Exhibit Spaces, Lobbies and Reception Areas, Mall Interior Spaces, Media Centres/Music Rooms/Libraries, Open Plan Offices

USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System

  • USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System
    USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System