Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panel

Used together to create 3D patterns or randomly to add dimensional variability, these panels provide unique and unexpected dimension.

Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panels enable project managers to create a variety of designs with varying depths.  In spite of their truly unique design capabilities, these panels install easily and allow for full ceiling accessibility.

Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panels can be specified with custom-sized and custom-positioned pre-engineered utility circles to allow for easy integration of lighting and utilities. Optional COMPÄSSO™ Suspension Trim may be added for a more finished appearance at exposed edges.

  • Multiple profiles and depths lend new dimension to ceiling design 
  • Panel depths of 32mm to 82mm allow a spectrum of possibilities, from subtle textures to bold rhythms 600mm x 600mm lay-in panels are compatible with 15mm Donn® brand suspension systems 
  • Solid or perforated panels 
  • Available in Flat White and Silver Satin
Physical Properties
  • Type: Metal Specialty Ceiling Panels, Specialty Metal Ceiling Panels, Specialty Suspended Ceiling Panels 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Humidity Resistant 
  • Moisture and Mould Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant 
  • Abuse Resistant 
  • Colour(s): Flat White (050), Silver Satin (002) 
  • Edge Detail 
  • Panel Size: 600mm 
  • Panel Width: 600mm 
  • Panel Thickness: 8mm; 32mm - 82mm

Up to 50% Recycled Content


All commercial applications