Specialty Ceilings

Specialty Ceiling

Many USG Boral ceiling products allow freedom to create custom designs far beyond the usual limitations of standard ceilings. Our specialty range includes products for use with grid ceilings and allows designers to feature the use of light or create completely unique 3 dimensional patterns with Translucents™, Topo™ and Billo™ Ceilings. 

Create your own contemporary look with metal ceilings such as Pixels™ that have finishing options in colour or wood tones for calm quiet spaces. Alternatively, the energy can be turned up with taut angles and playful, rolling curves. The use of infill panels in the Geometrix™ system allows a designer to promote something special, while retaining simplicity of installation for significant impact.

To finish your unique look, we have a range of Suspension Trim, Compasso™ Standard, Compasso™ Elite and Compasso™ Slim that are the perfect accompaniment.