Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim

Create crisp, clean island ceilings or fascias that define spaces and provide lasting beauty - without sacrificing sound control or accessibility. 

Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim affords all the benefits of acoustical suspension systems – including sound control, accessibility and the use of lay-in fixtures not available with drywall soffits. With so many advantages, Compässo Elite is the beautiful, economical and enduring solution for creating free-form island ceilings.

Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim allows for blemish-free installation thanks to proprietary splice plates and attachment clips that make installation simpler and faster, with no special tools required. 

  • The creation of free-form ceiling islands or fascias to define space and provide visual impact 
  • Available in variable trim heights 
  • Costs a fraction of conventional drywall soffit construction 
  • Made to order—arrives onsite pre-engineered 
  • Strong, durable aluminium construction 
  • Guaranteed to fit all USG Boral ceiling systems
Physical Properties
  • Type: Trim, Suspension Trim, Standard Suspension Systems 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • For Class A 
  • Moisture and Mould Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant 
  • Abuse Resistant 
  • Texture(s): Smooth 
  • Colours: Silver Satin, Flat White

Up to 50 % Recycled


Bars/Restaurants/Dining Areas, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Convention/Meeting Rooms, Department Stores/Boutiques, Executive Areas/Conference Areas/Board Rooms, Galleries/Exhibit Spaces, Grocery Stores, Health and Fitness, Lobbies and Reception Areas, Mall Interior Spaces, Media Centres/Music Rooms/Libraries, Open Plan Offices