Premium Bond™ Stud Adhesive

The butter consistency is designed for easy no-slump application, fast grab and maximum adhesive transfer.

Premium Bond™ Stud Adhesive is a water-based synthetic stud adhesive used for bonding plasterboard to timber and metal studs for wall and ceiling linings.


  • • Easy to use
    • Rapid tack
    • Tough bond
Physical Properties
  • Colour: Leaf Green
  • Working Time: Drying Type - Bonding time 24-48 hours or longer under adverse conditions
  • VOC: Less than 50g per litre
  • Packaging: 5.2kg (Pail), 600ml (Sausage) and DIY 2kg (Pail)
  • • All Bonded surfaces should be dry, free of dust, grease, oil or other foreign matter.
  • • Plasterboard linings should be fixed within 30 minutes of adhesive application.
  • • Premium Bond™ Stud Adhesive must be used in conjunction with nails or screws; it does not constitute a fixing system on its own.