SHEETROCK® Fibreglass Tape

SHEETROCK® Brand Fibreglass Drywall Tape is made with a unique cross-fibreglass construction that provides greater joint strength than conventional fibreglass mesh tapes. It can also be used to patch holes and cracks in internal walls and ceilings.

  • Fast and easy application.
  • Resists stretching and cracking.

USG Boral recommends the use of setting type compounds for first and/or second coat when using Fiberglass tapes for joint treatment. As per Australian Standards, all Fiberglass joints should be back-blocked.

To finish the joint, first and second coat the tape with either SHEETROCK® Brand EasySand™ or BaseCote joint compounds.

Physical Properties
  • Type: Fibreglass Joint Tapes, Fiberglass Drywall Tape, Joint Tapes, Mesh Tapes. 
  • For use in a fire rated system. 
  • Width: 47.6 mm 
  • Coverage: Approx. 121 m/100 sq m of plasterboard. 
  • Storage: Store at a minimum temperature of 8°C
  • Please note application of Fiberglass tape over plasterboard and FIBEROCK joints should be back-blocked as per Australian Standards.
  • May be used for patching holes and minor cracks on internal wall and ceiling linings.