SHEETROCK® Plus 3™ Lightweight Finishing Joint Compound

Sheetrock® Plus 3™ is a lightweight, premixed finishing compound designed for use as the final coat over plasterboard joints.

A high performance compound that conceals and levels well over fasteners, beads, and trims with minimal shrinkage.



- Faster mixing time when additional water is necessary, Sheetrock® Plus 3™ Lightweight Finishing              Compound mixes with less effort than conventional compounds; accepts water more quickly to reduce    mixing time
- Better slip, excellent bond. Features superior ease of handling, good crack-resistance and excellent            adhesion.
- Fewer spills and waste. Better consistency minimises compound spillage and reduces the risk of                staining woodwork.
- Low shrinkage for finer finishing. Factory-controlled shrinkage results in finer finished work, but without    the extra labour normally required by conventional ready-mixed products.

Physical Properties
  • Material: Vinyl-type formulation.
  • Types: Hand or mechanical application.
  • Freezing Sensitivity: Protect from freezing.
  • Coverage: Approx. 38.3L/100sqm of plasterboard.
  • Storage: Shelf life up to nine months under good storage conditions. Plus 3™ should be stored under cover in a dry environment and protected from temperature extremes. Check product date-codes periodically. Rotate stock on first-in, first-out basis. Close container after each use. Keep tightly sealed

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