SHEETROCK® Topping Joint Compound

A low shrinkage, easily applied and sanded product recommended for second and third coats.

SHEETROCK® Brand Topping Joint Compound requires minimal mixing, thinning, and retempering.

SHEETROCK® Brand Topping Joint Compound, Ready-Mixed, is a low-shrinkage compound recommended for use in second and third coats over SHEETROCK® Brand Taping and All-Purpose Joint Compounds, Ready-Mixed. 



  • - Applies quickly, providing easy workability, excellent slip and bond, and low shrinkage
  • - Can be used directly from the container
  • - Requires minimal mixing, thinning and retempering
  • - Unsuitable for embedding tape or for use as a first coat over metal corner trim and fastener
  • - Meets ASTM C475
Physical Properties
  • Type: Topping Joint Compound.
  • Coverage: Approximately 61.0 to 73.2 kg/100 sqm of plasterboard.
  • For use in a fire rated system 
  • Humidity Resistant