TopCote 550® Finishing Compound

TopCote 550® finishing compound is a premixed, air-drying, economical compound developed specially for use as the ideal finishing coat for all plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads.

It is a premium grade product designed for use in conjunction with EasySand™, BaseCote® or RediBase™ compounds.



  • - Economical grade, standard-weight finishing compound.
  • - Easy application by hand or with mechanical tools.
  • - Excellent for mechanical tool sanding.
  • - Smooth finish with an excellent surface for painting.
Physical Properties
  • Colour: White
  • Working time: Drying Type – Min. 24 hours drying time
  • Packaging: 20kg re-sealable pail
  • VOC: Less than 50g per litre
  • Suitable for finishing and topping applications.
  • Can be applied with hand and mechanical tools.
  • TopCote 550® compound must be allowed to dry thoroughly (approx. 24 hours) before sanding or coating.
  • Sand with care. Sand lightly using 150 or 180 grit paper.