This special primer applies quickly and evenly with professional airless spray equipment and assists with achieving a Level-5 finish.

SHEETROCK® TUFF-HIDE™ Primer-Surfacer minimises joint banding and photographing. It generally does not require sanding. Its vinyl-acrylic, latex-based coating provides a durable, high-end look. Application of a good quality sealer is strongly recommended before painting.

  • Minimizes joint banding and photographing
  • Dries to a white matt finish
  • Designed for fast, economical application using spray application.
  • Apply with roller or airless spray depending on the required surface texture.
  • High quality sealers must be applied prior to painting.
Physical Properties

Type: Primer, Primers


Administrative Offices, Auditoriums/Gymnasiums, Bars/Restaurants/Dining Areas, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Convention/Meeting Rooms, Corridors/Hallways, Department Stores/Boutiques, Dormitories, Executive Areas/Conference Areas/Board Rooms, Exterior Soffits/Indoor Parking Garages, Galleries/Exhibit Spaces, Garages, Grocery Stores, Guest Rooms/Suites, Health and Fitness, Kitchens/Food Prep Areas, Laboratories/Operating Rooms/Imaging Rooms, Lobbies and Reception Areas, Locker Rooms/Shower Areas/Pools, Mall Interior Spaces, Mechanical Rooms, Media Centers/Music Rooms/Libraries, Multi-Family Residential/Condos, Nurseries/Birthing Rooms, Open Plan Offices, Patient Rooms, Restrooms/Utility Rooms/Loading Docks, Single-Family Residential, Stairways/Elevator Shafts, Theatres, Traditional Offices, Warehouses