Plaster for casting of molds for ceramic products and plastercraft replications.

Ceraplast™ is a fine specialist plaster used to produce working or slip molds for ceramic products and sanitary wares. It is also suitable for modelling and plastercraft replications.

Advantages include:

  • Easy to use
  • Short set time
Physical Properties
  • Colour: White 
  • Working time: Setting Type – 20 -30 minutes knife-set time.
  • Packaging: 20kg bags.
  • Compressive Strength*: Wet 6000kPa (min) Dry 13000kPa (min)
  • Linear Expansion*: 0.05-0.25% 
  • Surface Area: 5000 cm2/g (min) 
  • S.G.: 2.63 
  • Solubility: 0.6g/100ml 
  • Decomposition Temperature: 163o C
  • VOC: Less than 50 grams per litre
  • Values determined at water/plaster ratio of 65ml/100g
  • When using Ceraplast™, it is important to record the water/plaster ratio used in trials so that mixes can be adjusted according experience. 
  • Strength, hardness and density of a plaster cast are directly related to the quantity of water used for gauging, which should be kept to a workable minimum.
Installation Guide