Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for USG Boral’s employees, contractors and customers

At USG Boral, we are closely monitoring developments in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we are taking measures to help manage the risk of spreading the virus.

We have a dedicated internal COVID-19 task force and we are relying on expert advice, including information provided by USG Boral’s international medical and travel security services provider International SOS, as well as advice from specialist global risk consultancy Control Risks. We are also monitoring and applying official New Zealand Government notices and recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organisation).

We have protocols in place including business travel restrictions, which we are updating regularly, including requirements for employees and contractors whose work includes being on USG Boral sites, to be quarantined for fourteen days before returning to work if they have visited an affected country, as designated by USG Boral from time to time or been in close contact with a person with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

To learn more about USG Boral’s protocols and practices for employees and contractors please refer to the following documents:

·       Travel Guidance
·       Hygiene Advice

We are also working to ensure we are as prepared as we can be around business continuity planning including minimising our supply chain risks and business disruption, and strengthening our remote working capabilities.

We have identified critical business processes, including in our manufacturing operations and distribution as well as in our finance and IT functions. 

We have contingency planning underway including planning for staff absenteeism and planning to minimise any potential supply disruption to customers.  We do not rely on a single data centre or IT facility that would leave the business or our customers vulnerable.

Some customers have asked about where our products are manufactured and if it is safe to accept USG Boral products onto their sites.

USG Boral’s products are predominantly sourced and manufactured locally. While we do source some products, additives and equipment from overseas, expert advice is that the primary spread of the virus is through close, unprotected and direct contact with an infected person.  There is currently no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 through imported goods. 

Some customers have also asked if we expect any supply shortages and if we have alternate locations to supply customers from if a site is impacted by COVID-19. Because USG Boral operates across many sites, we have a number of back-ups and alternative locations for customer supply already built into our network.  Also, we are working to ensure we have adequate stocks of supply of all critical additives and inputs that are imported.

While our business continuity plans are confidential documents, if you are a customer and would like to better understand the way we operate and how we are managing the risks of COVID-19 in USG Boral, please contact your sales representative and a meeting or a discussion can be arranged.

If you are planning a meeting with a member of our USG Boral team in the coming weeks we will completely understand if you would prefer to conduct the meeting electronically. Our employees will also be seeking to confirm whether external meetings can be conducted electronically.

If meetings are conducted in person our staff are empowered to seek confirmation that all those in attendance are free from flu like symptoms and exposure to infected members of our community.

We would appreciate our customers letting us know straight away if you have any reason to suspect the virus may be on your site. We will then make alternative arrangements to minimise the risk of exposing our people and spreading the virus.

For more information or to provide feedback to USG Boral on COVID-19, please email:

We encourage you to be aware of the available resources and recommendations of your local authorities.