Premium Jointing


Premium Jointing bag

Premium Jointing, also known as UB888 or Boral powder, is a plaster-based, all-purpose compound specially designed for jointing gypsum board, internal/external angles and fastener heads.

Physical Properties

Net Weight
20 kg

Drying/Setting Time
45 minutes (depending on local conditions)

Shelf Life
9 months


Features and Benefits

Ease of Use
- Easy to mix, and no lumps
- Easy to apply under shear pressure
- Fast drying time
- Easy to sand

- Excellent bond to paper tape or joint strength
- Minimal shrinkage
- Exceptional crack-resistance
- Smooth finish

Recommended Usage

Suitable for the plastering of gypsum board joints and covering screw holes on ceilings and walls.

Suitable for interior use

1:2 (water to powder) mixing ratio