Echostop® Perforated Gypsum Board


Echostop single sheet

Echostop® is a sound absorptive perforated gypsum board with recessed/tapered edges available in either square or round design perforations.

Echostop® is recommended for use as wall or ceiling lining where sound absorption is required.  It is also ideal for decorative applications.


Round hole 1 (R1/R15-1)
Hole diameter: 15 mm

Round hole 2 (R2/R12-2)
Hole diameter: 12 mm

Round hole 8 (R8/R15-8)
Hole diameter: 15 mm

Square hole 8 (S8/C10-8)
Hole dimension: 10x10 mm



Commercial office buildings, showrooms, schools and universities, restaurants, cafés, food halls, retail complexes, shopping centers, auditoriums and concert halls, libraries and galleries, cinemas, home theatres, and foyers of public buildings.

Physical Properties

Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Panels

4 ft x 8 ft

1/2 in = 12.7 mm

Edge Profile

Paper Surface Color
Light yellow

Main Characteristics
- Specially engineered with appropriate punching for acoustic (sound-scaping) and aesthetic appeal
- Up to NRC 0.70

Features and Benefits

Enhanced acoustic comfort
With superior NRC capabilities, ranging from 0.60 to 0.75 that is excellent for noise absorption treatment

Available in 4 stylish designs with either square or round to suit multiple applications

Suitable for full ceiling installation or feature panels on walls or ceilings

Manufactured from a combination of gypsum and paper liner made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper waste

Installation Guide